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Talking Numbers #tuesdaytrivia

You may have found it was difficult this year to get into your dream home. A prime reason for this issue was the lack of homes on the market. In WNY, there was what % of fewer homes on the market in 2013?

According to the Buffalo Niagara Association of Realtors, inventory was down almost 20% in 2013. The graphic above shows home numbers nationally in November. We had a similar bump here as well, but over the course of the year found that prices were up 5% locally and houses were on the market for almost 12% less time before selling than the previous year.

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The Common Denominator #tuesdaytrivia

As you may remember, 90% of all home searches begin online. What do 84% of these homebuyers using the Internet have in common?

They also use a real estate agent to purchase a home. Working with an agent takes much of the guesswork and stress off a buyer’s shoulders, allowing them to enjoy the search as much as possible. Start yours today! Follow this link:

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Reasons To Brave the Cold and Buy Now

winter home

With holidays on the brain and fresh snow in the streets, the idea of venturing out in search of a new abode may feel a bit untimely. Still, a move has been on your mind and in your plans; you may just need a little incentive to get the ball rolling (and keep it that way.)  For the current and potential buyers out there, here is some new information that may be just the kind of encouragement you need:

Consider supply. Chances are you have some idea of what you are looking for, where you’re looking for it and what price you’d like it to be. Unfortunately, inventory has been declining in many regions. Work with your Realtor to be on the look for anything new that shows up this winter. Being ready, even during cold temps, may put you in a great position before the Spring rush.

While temps are falling, prices and interest rates are on the rise. From now until 2018, a 25% appreciation in the price of homes is expected. Add to this a 5% mortgage interest rate as anticipated before 2015 by the Mortgage Bankers Association, the National Association of Realtors, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Did we mention that this is a full point greater than current rates? Experts predict that rates will slowly creep up over the course of next year. We believe 2014 will be a great time to buy a home before rates go up excessively and allow you to buy a home at the lower end of values while reaping the rewards by 2018.

Buying low and selling high is ideal. Of course, you know this. However, given these projected increases, homes on the market are selling at lower prices than they will be by late next year. By purchasing at the current rate you avoid the expense of future inflation and can hope to eventually re-sell at a profit.

Don’t forget that homeownership helps creates family wealth.  As featured in a recent Tuesday Trivia question, the net worth of the average homeowner is 30 times greater than that of a renter. Since you must pay a mortgage, better it be for your own home than a landlord’s.

Still in search of a great real estate agent?  Look no further: read a little on me here.


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Baby, it’s cold outside! #tuesdaytrivia

Time to kick up the thermostats! Speaking of which, how much would you guess the average Buffalonian will spend on heating bills this winter?


According to National Fuel, we’ll be forking over $714 to keep our homes toasty this season.

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The First Thanksgiving #tuesdaytrivia

Plymouth, Massachussetts was quite a popular piece of real estate back in 1612. Ever wonder how many attendees gathered there to celebrate the First Thanksgiving?


It’s estimated that 53 pilgrims and 90 members of the Wampanoag tribe observed the 3-day feast together. Although we’re now limited to just one day of feasting and maybe some leftovers, may you enjoy your Thanksgiving–whoever you’re with!

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Buffalo is a whale that fell asleep at the bottom of the ocean


Buffalo has a rich history.  Old grain elevators and empty silos tell lively stories of the city’s industrious past; they serve as a promising reminder of its potential.  Buffalo is not merely reminiscing.  Productivity and prosperity are active in the area’s diverse communities: food and dining, the arts, the nightlife, parks and recreation, and waterfront development, to name a few.  We are alive and well.

What draws one to Buffalo?  Maybe the Queen City is undeniably a place to call home.  Maybe word of its kind residents, vibrant art scene or the improvements along its waterfront peaks an interest.  It is rumored that Buffalo is losing its natives—but as often as some leave, I continue to see proof of more returning.

This City of Good Neighbors is a welcoming committee just waiting to happen.  Even the houses of Buffalo are standing with open doors. Large properties at delightfully low rates make for an optimistic housing market.  From the top of City Hall, you can see Buffalo has so much to offer, so much to be a part of, and so much to love.

The article below appeared over the summer and does a better job than most in painting a picture of the Buffalo those of us that live here know. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth a read now:

To view the article that inspired ours, click here.

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